Patrick Harkai

Photographer - car enthusiast

Hi! I am Patrick and i love cars and photography.

This is my big passion and with that i whant to show the world how i see cars throug my lens.

I don't care if the car is old or new as long as it has something unique about it. If you have an unique car then let's meet and take some awesome shots to show it in our community.

Personal Information

Birthday : November 15
Country : Germany
E-mail :
Address : 41239 Mönchengladbach , NRW

Why Choose Me?

Here are a few reason that i think you should consider when working with me.


Since i am the beging of the road, the flexibility that offer is at it's best. The planning and execution of any project is on point with the client requierments.


With more them 10.000 followers over various platforms i can distibute to a large community. Will be an advantage if you try to reach potential customers or sponsorships

High quality media

I deliver a high quality media material that can be used in the online digital platforms as well as in the printed enviorment.

Social presence

Here is what i've done so far and some partners

2019 - 2020
Prewiew dayEssen motor show event

This is where the car photography passion escalated for me and went to the next level. If you are a passionate for cars in general or tuning this is one important event that you don't want to miss it if you live in Europe.

Some of my pictures got publishedBMW Performance magazine

It's August 2019 and i get an DM on Instagram from a friend in UK, telling me that he saw some of my pictures published in that months BMW Performance magazine. You can imagine that at first i took it as a joke , but after receiving a few snapshots i realized that it was real. Even tough that my named was not tagged i was still proud about the accomplishment.

Media partnerBimmerfest Europe

Attending Bimmerfest Europe 2019 in Holland was a live changing event for me that pushed me even more into car photography. The experience , the contacts and the social exposure helped me to build an audience on Instagram and guided me through the car tuning world.